Wing Chair and Stubs side table

Wing Chair and Stubs side table
Wing Chair Stubs side table

The Wing Chair and Stubs side table provides internal compartments for space saving ideas in the home environment.

Rocking Moto & Dark Horse

Rocking Moto & Dark Horse
Dark Horse Rocking Moto
The rocking horse series

The rocking horse series re-visits toys from memories, turning them into objects we would still love today. The Rocking Moto is inspired by the 70’s café racers and the Dark Horse is a modern interpretation of the traditional rocking horse archetype.

Love seat and Landscape coffee table

Stanley Loveseat Landscape Coffee Table

This series of furniture revolves around habits of the users. The love seat contains a tray for your reading glasses and the Landscape coffee table is designed for thinkers.


W-word Bluetooth Speaker

W-word Anondized Red

W-word is a simple bluetooth speaker that provides a place to hold your books away from your shelves. Made in aluminum, it comes in satin silver and anodized red.