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Redefining the ultra portable

Sennheiser approached us to help them re-design the highly popular line of classic in-ear headphones, the CX series. Designing from ground up, we took the opportunity to create a new look that would allow consumers and loyal users to recognize and feel excited on the performance, heritage and appearance of these in-ear headphones


With the mind-set to create a line of iconic and recognizable earphones that speaks volumes of the brand, we developed an oblong stage where the Sennheiser brand logo stands proudly. The transducer-resonator housing was blended smoothly into the ear adaptors from the oblong stage to create a modern flow of sound. Detailed scrutiny of the design will reveal a multitude of precise construct and rich touches to accentuate the individual audio elements.


Besides providing an accurate acoustic experience, we designed a well crafted inline three button remote with integrated mic for either Apple iOS or Samsung Galaxy smart devices. Cable management is a big part of the experience. We designed a portable hard case organizer that allows users to coil the cables neatly and quickly while storing the required ear adaptor sizes in it. The organizer also proudly shows-off the designs as a pair of jewelled technology.


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