NextOfKin Creatives

Rocking’moto. Dark horse.

Designing from memories

As designers, we are often inspired by emotional triggers. One of the biggest triggers for us in nextofkin is our memories. Designed as a private collection for the label aboveground, the rocking horse series was about revisiting toys from our childhood memories, turning them in objects that we as designers would still love today. As kids our imagination was a powerful tool, we always have so much fun role-playing cowboys and super-heroes trying to destroy all villains and save the world.

The inspiration

Taking inspiration from the silhouette of the sprinting equestrian racing horse, we reduced the rocking horse main body into a seamless curvilinear line that evoked a visual sense of motion. The cantilevered form connects the curved base to the seat area via the leaning vertical core. We created a collection of modular fittings that could be fitted to this core to allow role-play of different characters or scenarios.

The designs

The rockin’ moto is inspired by the 70’s café-racers and vintage scooters that are still so desirable in todays street and fashion culture. The low drop handle bars brings you into the aggressive racing angle and allows a tuck-in posture for better control. The dark horse is our modern interpretation of the traditional rocking horse. Taking the equestrian race horse as a reference, the forehead and chin groove was constructed with a negative space with the orange reins floating up to the rider in a spirited racing fashion.


What we did

Visual Language
Product Design
Colours Material Finishes