XPAL Power, Inc approached NextOfKin Creatives to create the world's only full functioning emergency phone powered by a single AA with a 15 year shelf life. After developing the overarching ethos “Life-Proof” in the design strategy. We crafted the message “Live Prepared!” to extend the ethos over the various parts of the brand communications design.

With the emergency phone and the AA battery as starting elements, we developed a logo with a clean and modern typeface to convey the innovation of the company and the emotional relevance of the products to the iconic common batteries.


Live Prepared. We designed a tough waterproof case and a floatable waterproof bag with talk-through containment and extreme temperature operation, and provides you a communication lifeline when all else is potentially destroyed.

The complete design process of strategizing the phone, brand ethos and the design of the logo and packaging gave us a good control over the final look and feel of the brand communications.


Brand Communications


Consumer Electronics, Mobile Phone


Design identity, Brand ethos, Logo Design, Packaging design, Collaterals design, Digital imaging