We partnered with Sennheiser to design and develop a new category of in-earphones products for the highly popular Momentum headphone series. Designing from ground up, we took the opportunity to create a new look that would allow the lifestyle consumers and loyal users to recognize and feel excited about the new designs.


Being a member of the Momentum family, we strived for stunning sound and sensational styling! As the in-ear range of the family, we transformed the headphones into ultra compact and lightweight devices with a refreshingly fashionable appeal. We designed an iconic and recognizable look while staying true to its purist philosophy and dedication to high performance in sound and style.


We worked uncompromisingly to cater for the acoustic requirements and the wealth of little details – from the nano-precise, stainless-steel sound tunnel to the three-button multifunction remote with integrated microphone. We crafted two hundred contrasting red stitches to grace the black-lacquered zipper on the soft-covered case that safely protects your earbuds. The removable internal case organizes the cables neatly and stylishly.

The design of the MOMENTUM In-Ear speaks a clear, consistent language. We combined top-quality materials with attention to craftsmanship and detailing. The made sure that the acoustic components contained no plastic. We worked with the engineering team to use high-quality stainless steel, manufactured in precision milling techniques. We formed the overall shape to fit the ear canals and further adjusted the ear adaptors to a fifteen degrees angle so that the users will not feel any strain wearing them for the whole day. The Momentum In-Ear headphones were specified to be exclusively in black and red.


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