We partnered with World Kitchen to bring the fun back into their packaging communications! Pyrex developed a new range of storage containers with a unique clear lid that allowed users to see the contents of the container immediately. Besides the protection of the glass container in the packaging design, featuring the clear lid as a unique selling point was key. We took the approach of creating an interesting point of sales with the packaging box as our baseline. This allowed the product to stand out visually and sell its value proposition whilst bringing smiles to the curious shoppers.


Understanding the mind-set of shoppers during the purchase process allowed us to determine the important underlying values and set the tone of voice on the design direction.


Focusing on the clear lid, we portrayed the notion of storage to oven to kitchen via themes of fresh produce storage and utensils usage. The pop up detail completed and communicated the themes whilst ensuring the efficiency of a compact footprint for the packaging box.


Smart detailing within the die-cuts of the packaging box allowed flexibility in positioning the boxes to achieve better visibility within different shelves and display constraints.

The Pyrex Clear Seal story was important for us to highlight as thinking out of the box ensured the effective communication of the product features within the boundaries of protection and efficient logistics. The final packaging design is a fun and stimulating solution that engages shoppers and drives the message of a delightful shopping experience.


Brand Communications


FMCG, Kitchen goods


Packaging design, Digital imaging