We partnered with Singapore’s leading boutique patisserie, The Patissier LLP to conceptualize the packaging design and story for their diffusion brand, Petite Patisserie. Through the use of Snap Freeze technology, the cakes can be consumed at home with a freshly baked taste. We created an innovative packaging experience and a set of visual elements to communicate Petite Pattisserie’s universe and the amazing flavours produced through this technology.


As most of the cakes from Petite Pattisserie’s were purchased from premium supermarkets, the first experience of unveiling the packaging to reach the cake was utmost important. We prototyped different ways of opening the packaging box and presenting the cakes to the consumers to enhance the unveiling experience and protect the cake from all logistic traumas.

We crafted the concept of “Let your imagination run wild!” where consumers can purchase a set of decorations and accessorize the cakes to their own customized novelty look and messages for special occasions. In the little customizable universe of Petite Patisserie, a series of characters and graphical elements of the baker and her little helpers were created and developed to tell the story of the baking and cake decoration.


Brand Communications


Food and Beverage, Bakery


Visual Identity Strategy, Packaging Design, Art direction